We believe in the Triune God. (Eph. 2:18) One God eternally existent in three persons – God the Father, God the Son -Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit.
We believe that the Bible, the Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments, is is the infallible and inerrant Word of God. It is divine revelation: the original writings (words) were verbally inspired by the Holy Ghost as He inbreathed holy men of old. We believe in God’s divine preservation of His Word.
We believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, sinless in His life, ever obedient unto the Father, and the only atonement for the sin of this world by His death on the cross. We believe He arose bodily after the third day, ascended into Heaven on the fortieth day, and even now is seated at the Father’s right hand as our High Priest and Only Mediator, making intercession for His own. 
We believe that salvation is only in Christ. To obtain this salvation is to repent of one’s sin toward God and to have faith toward Christ (to receive Him in the heart by faith). This great salvation is solely by grace, a free gift, through the shed blood of the Son of God. As a work of God’s grace and not man’s works, it is an eternal work. Those who are truly saved can never be lost again. 
We believe that Heaven and Hell are literal places, prepared of God as the only eternal abodes of mankind. All those who have been saved (born again) shall live eternally with God in Heaven. All those without Christ (devoid of spiritual life) shall abide in Hell, the lake of fire, forever, eternally separated from God. 
We believe in the Church (the body of Christ), which is made up of all blood-bought, born-again believers from the public ministry of the Christ until His coming again for His own (the Rapture). We also believe in the churches (local assemblies). The local churches consist of regenerated believers who have been Scripturally baptized and are banded together for worship, work, and spiritual fellowship, spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, according to the specific teachings of the New Testatment. Christ is the Head of the Church and the churches. The authority to carry on the work of God in the dispenstion is given to the local church, the visible body of Christ in this dispensation. As such, all Christians and all Christian ministries should be the ministry of and accountable to, a local New Testament church. 
We believe two ordinances have been given to the local church, those being Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These two ordinances are for believers only and to be administered by the loacl church.
We believe in the Genesis account of creation as literal and factual, and therefore that God created all that exists in 6 literal days. God spoke and it was! We also deny the need of any gap theory between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.